Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rocky's unusual nesting

Rocky has been nesting in unusual ways lately. Thomas has a pair of sandals that he wears inside (so as not to step on the wood chips that tend to be all over the house, no matter how frequently we sweep). Rocky loves these sandals, and will bring them all over the house, arranging them in different formations. He'll frequently bring some wood over to chip on the shoes.

If we need to keep him occupied, we place the shoes on the floor with some wood slices, put him there, and then cover him with a blanket or one of Thomas's house coats. This is Rocky heaven.

Last night, he brought the sandals over in the hall, arranged them in a "V" formation, and then nestled inside. By the time I got the camera, he'd slightly exited from his nestled position, but you can get the general idea (his tail had been wedged in between the shoes):***********************
This morning, we were eating breakfast. The greys were in the kitchen, the caiques in the living room, and Rocky was amusing himself by nesting in Thomas's house coat in the hall. All of a sudden we hear weird noises, as though Rocky is quickly eating something. And he was!Notice how his body is still half covered by the coat (he did this himself)! This is not the first time he has done such a thing, either.

I hid several leaves of lettuce and some baby bok choy in his cage before I left for work this morning.


Elizabeth said...

Rocky is creating installation art!

belovedparrot said...

Don't you ever feed these birds -- they've got to eat the house plants?