Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rocky laundry

Last week, Thomas and I realized that things were a little too peaceful around the house. Thomas asked me to check in on Rocky. We assumed he was on his new favorite perch -- the clothes dryer in an isolated back bedroom. (Why he would choose to be there instead of with his flock is a mystery to us).

He was actually on a lower level when I entered the room, but climbed up to the top to greet me by the time I could take a picture:By way of greeting, he threw my yellow sports bra on the ground with a scream and then had to posture to show me, yet again, how big and scary he is.
Getting closer:Could he spread his wings any further apart? Look at that span!I am so glad that he is stick trained as he easily stepped up for me and we rejoined the family in the kitchen.


Richard Lyon said...

That might not be hostile. Harley will do that, and I can still pick him up. Most of the time.

Mary said...

Thomas can usually pick him up when he's like that, but not me. I fear I may have turned it into a game with my reactions.

Thomas thinks I should just suck it up and if I get bit, I get bit. I, on the other hand, do not want hamburger hands, so we use the stick :)