Friday, June 25, 2010

Grey activities

Max and Thomas were hanging out yesterday after work:I was in the process of changing the parrots' waters after work and had not yet cleaned out the drain. Max felt this was the perfect time to investigate what was in the drain catch:
Later, Thomas was cleaning up after dessert. Of course the greys were right there. Stella paying attention to him, Max paying attention to cleaning out the scraps from his dessert:
Then Stella's attention is caught by Thomas's nuun drink (even though it's in a beer glass, not beer!) Max, not surprisingly since we apparently starve her, is still focused on eating:
They were able to share nicely for a short time:
This morning, Thomas left his almond milk out while he tended to something else temporarily. Max seized this opportunity:
Sadly for her, she did not appear to be able to get anything out of this container.

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