Friday, June 4, 2010

In which Rocky is almost the catalyst for divorce

Rocky has been a bit more destructive than usual, especially in the bathroom. I want to keep a basket of wood slices in there so if he feels the urge to chew, he can choose something appropriate. Thomas just wants to keep the bathroom door shut so he doesn't have access. (My argument: then he chews up the bottom of the bathroom door in an attempt to enter).

Last night, somehow, Rocky got in the bathroom and chewed up part of a tile. Thomas had to make an emergency trip to the hardware store to buy a new (non-matching) tile and patch it. He was just livid.

I am not particularly happy about this but it happened, there's nothing we can do about it now, and we were going to have to remodel the bathroom at some point, anyway. It's not like he did permanent structural damage, burned the house down, or even destroyed new tile. And the place with the patched tile is under the bathmat, so you pretty much have to be looking for it.

Thomas is under a lot of stress right now, which I will talk about in the upcoming weeks, so this was the straw that broke the camel's back. He told me I can keep the crappy house, with all of the destructive parrots, and he was going to live in a quiet, clean, non-destroyed place.

I told him he was taking 2 of the parrots, so his place wouldn't be quiet, clean, and non-destroyed for long! He asked me which ones, and when I responded Rocky and Stella, he started whining, "But those are the worst ones!"

Later on, after he'd calmed down, he informed me that the worst parrots are: Rocky, Max, Stella, and Calypso. That is 80% of our parrots! How can they all be the worst?

If we ever do split (which, despite this, I can't see happening), there is going to be a big fight over Beeps!

Edit: I am making him visit this site so he realizes how good he has it!


The Homeless Parrot said...

Oh, we have that type of argument in my house at least once a week. After 11 years, it has yet to end in divorce :)

Richard Lyon (And Harley) said...

Thats an advantage of being a bachelor.

I just wince when Harley gets a hold of the house. Which, thankfully, is pretty darn rare.

The house is for living in - and that means damage, on occasion.

Mary said...

I stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed reading about your flock. I just wanted to comment that my husband and I have also "joked" about who would get what animal in a divorce. I told him he has to take one of our two birds, but the custody battle would get bitter over our perfect dog.

Beloved Parrot said...

Oh, Mary, I had to laugh at this. I trust you two made up. Remember -- you and Thomas have to stick together against the parrots!