Thursday, August 12, 2010


Yesterday was my normal farmers' market trip, which means that Wednesday after work is spent preparing the produce -- making pesto, chopping carrots for lunch, etc. The parrots tend to get a wider variety of large chunks of produce on this day, as we share with them whatever we have.

Thomas didn't need the basil flowers, so he set them aside for me to give to the parrots. I put Steve's in his toy:Max saw that I gave Steve something, but I didn't have anything for her (I was planning on going back to get another piece of basil). But she took things into her own hands, somehow finding a wrapped pellet to eat. Where did she find this? I don't hide pellets on the stands! Did a parrot bring this wrapped pellet in from their cage in the living room? It's a mystery!
She was happy to finally receive a basil flower of her own:
Meanwhile, Steve had grabbed the basil out of his toy to hold it and eat. It probably gave him better access. Look at how his eye is pinning -- he loved it!
Stella had flown over and was perched on Thomas's shoulder. Thomas has been a little more relaxed about our no shoulder policy lately as it pertains to Stella. She is very persistent and Thomas gets a little lazy.

I gave her some basil, too:
She is so funny! She really prefers to not hold food in her foot while she eats, if it's at all possible. Frequently, she expects us to stand there and hold the food for her; yesterday, she used Thomas's neck:

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Anonymous said...

A parrot that prefers not to hold her food in her foot - too funny! Thanks for the pictures and stories.