Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Minor bite

I got a minor bite again this morning. Like my last one, not sure if it really qualifies as a bite since no bandage was needed. Plus, it's in an inconspicuous spot, didn't really hurt when he did it, and doesn't really hurt now. And it kind of looks like an ice cream cone!Beeps was out this morning, like usual. Normally, I tell him to go to his cage; he flies over, enters his cage, I close the door, and then off to work. This is because he doesn't like going in his cage in the morning so he's more likely to bite. (He is very compliant -- none of my other birds do this! And I didn't even train him -- I just asked him to go in one day and he did, and has ever since!)

I don't know what came over me this morning, but he was so irresistibly cute, so I had him step up and I ferried him over to his cage. And got bit as I was putting him in his cage. I know better! I'll have a caique-beak print on my hand for a few days to remind me of my folly.

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