Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Rocky's not the only hormonal one. Enter the caiques. They are both fine with us humans, but are very aggressive with each other. For the majority of the year, they ignore each other, but when their hormones rage, trouble arrives. This usually happens about twice a year for a couple of weeks each time.

We're basically having to let them out in shifts, as even if we are in the same room, one will jump the other one and then they're rolling around the floor in a caique tumbleweed.

Here, Beeps was out and Calypso was in his cage. Beeps decided to fly over to Max's cage (the greys were in the kitchen) and eat a banana chip -- Calypso had to keep an eye on his nemesis:Calypso never hangs out on the side of his cage -- he's too busy playing with toys. Apparently keeping a vigilant eye on Beeps was more important than toy destruction.

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