Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Out of his cage

This morning, as has been routine lately, Steve was on the perch on his cage door, so I opened it and he stayed. He got a lot of praise and treats for this!Including a wrapped pellet that I didn't make him forage for -- calmly staying on a perch outside his cage was reason enough!
I had to leave the room for a minute, and reminded Thomas to be very careful around Steve. Apparently he still got too close, as Steve fell to the floor. He doesn't hurt himself when he does this, but I'm worried it will make him less likely to want to come out of his cage, so from now on I will only do this when I am right there and can make sure nothing scares him. Otherwise, I will close the door.

Steve wanted to step up to the top of his cage after a few minutes of being on my arm, so he stayed here for the rest of the morning:
He was a bit tentative about exploring the top of his cage, though that will come in time. I wish he'd climbed out here on his own, but that's probably a milestone for him in his new home.


belovedparrot said...

Steve is so handsome! Make Thomas behave, will ya?

WendyKnits said...

Go, Steve! It sounds like he is making good progress. And I agree with belovedparrot -- he is really a handsome boy!

Michelle said...

Great job Steve! Timothy and I are cheering for you here in Portland!

p.s. Timothy came and sat in his open cage door again today! Looks like both these boys are heading in the right direction.


Best in Flock said...

Awww. Great job, Steve!