Friday, August 13, 2010

The blahs

Friday posting tends to be a little light. I go most Thursdays to the rescue where I volunteer to take pictures for the rescue's petfinder page. Thursday evenings, I'm usually rather drained (mostly mentally) from being around so many wonderful, yet homeless, parrots.

I tend to spend most of Thursday evenings just enjoying my parrots and trying to figure out ways that I can help more birds out, instead of taking pictures of my parrots' antics.

I just have one from yesterday; Max sneaking some veggies out of the bowl:It's actually quite funny to see in person, as she tries to be sneaky about the entire endeavor. She kind of sulks up, and then quickly grabs something and runs a few feet away from the bowl to eat it. As if we'd take a vegetable out of her beak! Maybe she's just honing her cheese-thieving skills.

We've reassured her she doesn't have to be so sneaky about it (especially as she's not fooling us, anyway!) but maybe she likes thinking that she's pulled one over on us.

Happy weekend! I have a 20 miler scheduled, but also thunderstorms are predicted, so I'm not sure what will end up happening. I'm not going that far on the treadmill; that's for sure!


Brittney said...

I've got the blahs too, but its form post moving let down not empathy for parrots at a rescue. I thought I'd let you know Sunny is coming to live with me and my flock tomorrow. I'll try to keep my blog updated on the adventure.

Good luck on your 20 miler. I'm going to try and do 4 on Sunday. 4 compared to 20...pathetic, no? :)

Anonymous said...

You help my birds by taking photos of your birds' antics :)

Your weekly farmer's market trip inspired me to up the fresh food quotient for my flock.

And it's generally nice to know other people are crazy about their birds!


Michelle said...

Love the picture of your Timneh sneaking the vegetables. I must try some new veggies on my Timneh, as he loves food.


Mary said...

Brittney -- I hope you are recovering and that Sunny's transition to your flock is going well. I can't wait to read your updates! I hope your run went well yesterday. I had a great running weekend!

ER -- thanks for the nice comments. I hope this post didn't sound like I was fishing for compliments, because that was not the intention! But yes, crazy is possibly an apt description :)

Michelle -- Those timnehs can be pretty sneaky! Max has definite likes/dislikes when it comes to veggies and fruits, so always happy when we can add something else to the "like" column!