Thursday, August 5, 2010

In which the greys "help" with dinner

Being that Wednesday is my farmers' market day, after work I had a lot of produce that needed to be food processed for the parrots' veggie mash.

Being that my greys are very curious beings, this task was made more difficult by the "help" they gave me.

Stella spent some time shredding the beet greens:As soon as Max saw the mixture taking place, she flew over, exclaiming "want some!"
After the introduction of the beets, it took on an entirely different hue:But Max did not actually want to eat any -- she wanted to throw it around!

Since I'm talking about the greys, I should make a quick Steve mention. Things continue to be about the same as my last report, though he is talking a lot more (when we're not in the room) and making even more noises.

Last night, everyone but Steve was in the living room (Steve was in the kitchen) and he called back and forth with me a few times. He seems to want to be around us more, so this weekend we will be rearranging things in the living room so he can join us.

Also, have I mentioned that we've eliminated his food dish during the day so he's foraging for his pellets 100%? He just loves this! We were having trouble getting him to eat the pellets, but his interest skyrocketed with foraging.

I actually give him his pellets in shifts -- 15 when I first wake up and 15 more right before I leave for work, as he's already found and eaten the first 15 by that time. That's 30 pellets -- a lot! I'm not sure if he's eating them all or just enjoying the game of finding them. Stella gets 20 and Max 15; any more and they go to waste with those two.

My plan is to start clicker training him which will hopefully lead to him stepping up for me out of his cage. As always, slow progress, but at least we're moving in the right direction.


Elphie said...


I was inspired by your foraging work with your birds, so I started doing it a bit with my caique. I tried giving him a Nutraberry wrapped in a piece of paper towel, but he ignored it. He's been catching on, so tonight I wrapped up one Nutraberry and 2 Harrison's pellets in his dish. Harrison's is his daily diet.

He went right for one of the wrapped items, but when he discovered it was only a regular pellet he tossed it aside and tried again! The second time he found the treat and was very pleased :)

I guess I need to work on my approach LOL

Good luck on your run and thanks for the great blog.

Mary said...


Thanks for the comment. How funny! I just love their individual personalities and the flamboyant way they proclaim their likes and dislikes.

I'm happy he finally found something that made him happy :)