Monday, August 30, 2010


Our baby squirrels are running around, providing us with much entertainment. They wrestle each other, chase each other around and up our trees, and are such a pleasure to have around!

Can you see all 4 of them?There is one way off to the left, one in the lower right, one on the tree, and one at the base of the tree (tail only visible).


Sugar Selections said...

Adorable! I spoil our squirrels with corn and peanuts but they still eat sunflower seeds from the bird feeders sometimes. I don't mind, though.

Mary said...

We don't feed our squirrels at all (except if we have a string of ridiculously cold weather), but I think they gravitate to our yard because we have tons of trees and no dogs (our neighbors all have multiple dogs).

The squirrels like to taunt the dogs and then run back to our yard for safety!