Monday, August 23, 2010

Help requested; not received

I've mentioned before that Calypso is the best scab-remover I have ever encountered. He is very gentle, daily testing the scab until it's ready, and then pulling it painlessly off. I have been very lucky in that I have not had the occasion to need his talents recently. Here's a picture of Calypso, eating some sweet potato:Thomas is not as lucky, and had a scab on his arm. I found him trying to convince first Rocky:
and then Beeps:
to remove his scab, but they weren't interested. Calypso's not a huge fan of Thomas, so his scab-removing capabilities are limited to me.

I must add that I find this kind of gross, but he doesn't eat the scab or anything like that. He's just trying to keep me well-groomed and ready to fly off at a moment's notice!


Brittney said...

No wonder my classmates think bird people are strange LOL!

Sugar Selections said...

My sugar gliders like to groom me, too... although they're often not very gentle about it.

littlewings11 said...

My little green cheek Gonzo loves to do this too. Most of all he likes to climb up on top of my head and groom my hair. It actually feels pretty relaxing so I let him have at it.