Monday, August 9, 2010

Parrot burrito

Rocky has had a rough couple of weeks. He's been hormonal, which means he's been chewing the aquarium, nesting in Beeps's cage paper, and being generally irritable.

He's been very crabby, and has been frequently attacking Thomas. Last year, his hormones drove him to near-constant screaming. This year, it's near-constant crabbiness. It's very strange, how his hormones affect him differently each year, but it's usually around the same time of year.

Over the weekend, Thomas had just gotten out of the shower, when Rocky ran over as fast as he could and started attacking his feet. Thomas had been putting his shirt on; instead he wrapped Rocky up in his shirt for a little hug.
This did calm Rocky down a bit, and Thomas was able to handle him normally again once he'd calmed down.

I feel so bad for Rocky. He should not be in captivity. I know how frustrated we get with him -- imagine how frustrated he must be with us. Poor guy. If history is a guide, he should be back to normal in just a week or two.

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