Thursday, August 12, 2010

More produce

Max, the beet beak, strikes again:She's also up to her old tricks with the garlic. Based on discussions with her vet, we're allowing her small amounts of garlic -- I took this away from her after I took this picture to give her a timneh-appropriate amount:
Rocky, not interested in fresh vegetables, was chipping wood on the floor:
Thomas had set the beets on the floor before getting around to prepping them. Stella just loves destroying beets and beet greens! Next week I may buy her a bunch to leave in her cage, but I worry about coming home to something resembling a blood bath since beets stain. Maybe I can find some of the lighter colored ones. I don't think she eats them, but it must be a fun texture to destroy.
As he was chopping the carrots, he said, "This is perfect Max size!" Once again, look at her eyes pinning; she was so happy!
But I'm not sure how much of this made it into her stomach, as evidenced by the floor under her stand:
She'd thrown a pretty big chunk on the ground, which I gave to Steve, who ate it up:
He is such a healthy eater! I don't think he's met a vegetable he doesn't like!

Stella, relaxing on a shoe after the beets were taken away:
And Steve with a fancy tomato:
The caiques did get vegetables also; they were just in the living room so no pictures. The greys are much more demanding!

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