Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Greys and apples

Yesterday, Stella flew over to the island to cause havoc. As frequently happens, Max decided to join her:Eventually, Stella did take a bite out of an apple, but then I ate it for breakfast the next morning, so no harm done.

They are just so curious! Why would they do this?

What fun can this even be? Weirdos!


Mary said...

But havoc is so fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Was the beeping in the background of the video the birds or something really beeping? lol. And you can say they were foraging for the fruit.. lol

Mary said...

Mary -- that must be it!

Breanne -- that was Beeps, my caique, beeping in the background. He beeps constantly (hence his name) unless he's sleeping. It is just the strangest thing. The longest I've ever timed him at silence between beeps was 6 seconds, but I don't time him too frequently!