Monday, August 30, 2010

Progressive preening

Max has been quite needy lately; demanding to be preened quite frequently. Over the weekend, Thomas was trying to read the paper; Max had an idea about what to do with his free hand:She's almost bent in half at the end!

I didn't get a picture of it, but at one point she was so relaxed the top of her head was pressing down on the table as Thomas preened her neck.


Michelle said...

I love to see pictures of Max, as it helps me to invision what my Timothy would look like if he didn't feather pluck. Timothy, just like Max, loves to have his head preened and will bend down deep to enjoy the moment.
Max is a beautiful bird!

Mary said...


Thanks for the nice comment! Isn't it funny how you get used to the way your bird looks when plucked and that becomes the new normal?

I'm so used to looking at plucked Stella that when I see a fully feathered CAG, I frequently think they're the ones who are abnormal when it's Stella!

Timothy is so lucky to have an owner who recognizes his inner beauty. All of this work you're putting in to him will pay off (and is already -- that's amazing that he trusts you enough to preen him!) Great job!

belovedparrot said...

During long scritching sessions Charli gets so relaxed that her little legs will start to splay and she practically falls asleep. She couldn't be more cute or dear if she tried!