Monday, August 16, 2010


Rocky has lately been hanging out on top of Steve's cage when he's in the kitchen. Steve doesn't mind and Rocky is not bird-aggressive at all. We do closely supervise. I was taking a picture of Steve in his cage over the weekend, so Rocky had to come down to threaten me.

On top of Steve's cage, beginning his descent:Gearing up to show me exactly how big and scary he is:
That's it:
Would you believe this picture, taken of me over the weekend:
That's not Rocky, though! It's a severe macaw at the rescue that loves me. We had to go up as 4 macaws were surrendered. Their nails were ridiculously long and sharp, and Thomas is an amazing macaw groomer, so when macaw grooming needs to be done, we try to go up.

It was just a bonus that I got to spend some time with this guy. I keep threatening to do a trade and leave Rocky in this macaw's cage at the rescue, but that caper would be quickly discovered. I joke...
So I end this post with another picture of the real Rocky, eating Rocky-crack: cucumber.

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