Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Max in flight

Thomas took a great picture of Max yesterday:I was (sadly) away at a meeting, so he was alone with the parrots again.

Everyone had been in the living room, then the greys flew into the kitchen. After a while, he realized that they were suspiciously quiet, so he went into the kitchen to check on them.

Max and Stella were hanging out on top of the fridge (where they are not allowed) behind the salad spinner. He said that they weren't fighting, so his first thought was to get a picture for me for the blog. He went to snap that picture, but Max had other (better) plans.

When she's on top of the fridge, she doesn't like us taking a picture, so she'll buzz us when she sees the camera, which is what she's about to do here. Thomas said that after taking this picture, she slammed into his head. Both of them were just fine.

If you look closely behind Max's right wing, you can see Stella's feet, still on top of the fridge.


Elizabeth said...

Ooh, I love flight pictures. I really like how the primaries flip upwards.

Kate said...

this picture is AMAZING!!

Mary said...

Elizabeth -- I know! Something I would never notice in person.

Kate -- thanks! I wish I had taken it. I told my husband it was worth getting hit in the head in order to get that shot!

Anonymous said...

That's a great photo! Thanks for sharing.


belovedparrot said...

It's a wonderful picture! Please thank Thomas for his head-attack sacrifice.