Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stella's romance

Stella loves beer bottles. We try to keep them out of her sight since we don't want to trigger any nesting behavior in her, but Thomas left one on the island yesterday. Of course, as soon as she noticed it, she flew over for some courting:
She always ends up knocking it over!
She makes a demanding click and then positions herself so her head can be preened (we have had discussions with her about how inanimate objects cannot preen her!):
Even though the bottle did not preen her, she will preen it a bit:
After getting these few pictures, I removed the bottle from her sight, and all was well again. She flew over to Thomas, who did preen her, as he is not an inanimate object.

I didn't think this deserved its own post, so it's a little addendum here.

Every night, we wash the parrots' dishes, then leave them to dry on the counter.

Last night, Max was obsessed with this dish, apparently determined to drink every last drop of water out of the dish. Even though she has a just-refreshed dish of water in her cage.


Elizabeth said...

Your pictures of Stella asking inanimate objects for head pets make me laugh every time.

belovedparrot said...

Poor Stella and her unrequited loves.

Elphie said...
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