Monday, August 2, 2010

Big corn

Thomas was in a bit of a hurry last week, so he chopped the corn into larger-than-usual pieces. The parrots didn't seem to mind, and were able to maneuver even though the corn was the size of their heads!

Rocky and Beeps ate some soon, but not in front of the camera.


Anonymous said...

That is some big corn :)

Sometimes I let my caique do the "chopping" for me. I give him the whole fruit or vegetable and he tears it all up, then the little ones come by and eat the pieces. They all love corn, too.


D.Richard said...

I let my quaker and love birds eat it as a whole ear still in the husk , The quaker shreds the husk the Fischers takes the silk and makes silk soup, and the peach face destroys the kernels. I only peal the outer layer of husk in case it was ever sprayed with anything and soak it in water . When I make corn on the cob for myself I peal the husk and twist it together and let them make a mess . when it is shredded and on the bottom of the cage it makes a easy to clean up bedding

belovedparrot said...

Charli loves corn on the cobb; she just ravishes each little kernel and her eyes get that wonderful wide look. The cockatiels are not impressed with corn, unless it's ground up in the form of corn bread mix from a package.