Monday, July 26, 2010

Greys (just the ladies)

Max and Stella continue their strange relationship, which mostly appears to be keeping an eye on what the other grey has/is doing and trying to either get the same for herself or deprive the other grey from having/doing it.

I was hoping that their flock behavior would help Steve come out of his shell. This has so far not been the case, though it may still happen. Patience!

Here's Max, keeping an eye on Stella who was climbing around on a chair:Here's Max, trying to get head pets from Thomas (who was reading a book at the kitchen table) until she gives up and notices something more interesting to investigate:

"Hey, give me head pets!":
"See? This is what I want YOU to do to ME! Why am I petting my own head?":
(I did remind her that if she and Stella would do this to each other, everyone wins.) Finally, Thomas acquiesced:
Max's happiness could not continue forever, as Stella wanted in on the action, or at least wanted to prevent Max from receiving the pets:

Shortly after I stopped filming, Stella grabbed a beak full of Max's tail feathers (no harm done) and they chased each other around the kitchen for a few laps until they resettled on their stand.

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