Monday, July 12, 2010

Rocky and Stella

Saturday morning, Rocky had taken a drenching shower with Thomas. But that wasn't enough for him! He took another bath, in his water dish. Rocky rarely does this. It was maybe the third time since we've had him (almost four years) that he bathed in his dish. He managed to keep his head dry, though. He is so funny looking when his body is olive and his head bright green:Later on, Thomas was sitting on the kitchen table. Rocky kept trying to get inside his shirt, so he could chip up wood pieces. I didn't think he could do it, but I should remember to never underestimate my severe macaw:*************************
Stella, like the rest of our parrots, is not allowed on shoulders. Though she has never shown any intention of harm towards us, the risk of a face bite is too great. However, she likes being on shoulders, especially Thomas's, so she seeks out opportunities when he is busy doing other things as he can't remove her.

For example, doing a neti pot (though she's perched more on his neck that on his shoulder):Or brewing, moving the beer from the secondary fermenter to the bucket used for bottling:

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