Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Head pets and a few random stories

Max continues her search for head pets. I think she may be a bit hormonal, as she is very needy and then occasionally starts to regurgitate. She hasn't brought anything up, luckily!

This morning, she was distracting Thomas from reading the paper:He just couldn't get away from the greys this morning:She moves her head so he gets exactly where she wants:Rocky was nesting with a towel this morning:
He hasn't been spending much time with Thomas lately. He is consumed with nesting. At least it keeps him busy!

This morning, Thomas was showering with Max, Stella, and Rocky. We no longer separate them with bottles, as is shown in the header of the blog. It's not really needed anymore, plus Rocky and Stella just knock the bottles off, so it doesn't even work!

He called to me to come and get Max the troublemaker. Apparently the three parrots were happily perched on top of the shower, when Max jumped Rocky. The two of them fell off of the shower ledge, feet entangled, and landed on their backs in Thomas's hand. He blamed Max, but that's because he thinks Rocky can do no wrong. Max spent the rest of the shower in the kitchen with me.

Daily Steve update: he partially destroyed the toy I left for him yesterday, but there's still a lot to go, so I left it for today. I'm hoping for more destruction when I get home today! He didn't come out of his cage yesterday, but moved around his cage when we were in the room. Small steps.

He is becoming much more vocal with grey sounds. Last night, Stella was in her cage. Thomas had Max on one hand, and was searching the kitchen for Stella, so he could put the greys to bed. He asked for my help in locating Stella. She wasn't in any of the usual places. I told him she was in her cage and he didn't believe me because he was hearing grey noises that weren't coming from Max.

The noises were coming from Steve! We still have a long, long way to go -- don't get me wrong -- but these small improvements are wonderful to see.


belovedparrot said...

These are all excellent signs for Steve. I'm so excited for you.

Anonymous said...

Really great news, Mary. Even those tiny steps forward are so rewarding and always cause for quiet cheers. My cockatiel Charlie took a very long time to finally bust out of his shell, but I had to keep from jumping up and down with every little positive movement forward. Cheers! Good job, Steve!

Mary said...

Thanks, guys. More small steps today; I will have a longer post next week.

I am trying to not jump up and down in front of him so as not to scare him, but it's hard :)