Friday, July 16, 2010

Scurrying and laughing

Last night, Rocky was throwing a fit in the living room. I decided to get it on tape, since I think it's pretty funny. However, once he sees the camera, he stops, so I went in the hallway. Max happened to be walking around, so she came scurrying towards me, then I was finally able to get Rocky to come into the hallway also. Unfortunately, I stopped filming a second too soon, as he said "Bye bye!" right as I hit stop. I always think it's funny when he tries to get me to go away by telling me goodbye!

I started filming again almost immediately in case he said "Bye bye" again, but he didn't. Instead, he came towards me. He generally walks right next to the wall, which causes problems for him when he's trying to show me how big and scary he is!

I think he backed off at the end as Thomas suddenly came up behind me, and Rocky knows better than to try an attack when Thomas is around.

After this, Thomas grabbed Rocky, who started laughing. He's doing so a little less uproariously in the video than he was before he saw the camera, but it was still funny.


Ben and Carrie said...

Rocky is are all of your parrots antics. Always looking forward to posts about Steve's slow but wonderful recovery process. You two are such wonderful parents to all of your "kids" :)


belovedparrot said...

Wow, he really did back off when he saw Thomas. I loved hearing those nails clicking on the floor.

Mary said...

Carrie -- thanks so much for the kind words!!!

BP -- he knows that Thomas does not want him to threaten me.