Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bird bath

It's been so hot outside that we've set up our bird bath again. I had taken it down since our backyard water source from our house is not working properly. Thomas thinks he just needs to replace a washer, but it's been a few years and he still hasn't fixed it. He promised he would soon, especially seeing how much the birds are enjoying the bird bath!

In any case, this means that I have to bring jugs of water outside every day to replace the dirty water, plus it's inconvenient to wash the bird bath (and it takes longer, exposing me to mosquitoes); however, the outside birds have been providing us with so much enjoyment, we're going to keep it up, and hopefully Thomas will quickly fix the washer and make this task easier!

Last night, a couple of black-capped chickadees were drinking:
This morning, shortly after I replaced the water, one of our fledgling robins flew up on the basin:And then jumped in the water and proceeded to bathe:
We've also seen American goldfinches, house sparrows, and mourning doves drinking from this source. Hopefully this will help them to cool off!

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