Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bag adventure

Here's another installment of "don't try this at home." I took the pictures/video last week, but then decided not to post them as I didn't want to give anyone the wrong idea. However, I guess as long as I reiterate that you probably don't want to do this with your parrot, as it is likely to scare your parrot and make them afraid of you. We wouldn't do this with any of our other parrots, but as I've said before, Rocky is a weirdo and he and Thomas do all sorts of strange things. They are very bonded and share a strange sense of humor.

Thomas found a bag on the floor. I think Rocky had knocked it off of the table and brought it over to his nesting area (notice all of the wood chips on the floor). If I had seen a bag on the floor, I would have put it in the recycling bin. I have no idea where Thomas gets his ideas, as he decided to see if Rocky would go inside the bag.
He was interested:
Since he wouldn't go in himself, Thomas decided to help things along:
In the bag:
Nonchalantly walking out:

If he'd been upset about this, he would have been screaming and thrashing around, trying to bite.


Elizabeth said...

Audrey is perfectly happy to be placed inside bags and boxes as long as they're not too big and he's never feels like you're going to leave him trapped inside.

Christine said...

Rocky is such a character!!!