Thursday, July 15, 2010

More big and scary

Since this post generated a few comments, I thought I would post the video I took at the same time:

First, though, I must say that when I had the food processor on to make their mash yesterday, Rocky managed to sneak up on me AGAIN and fake attacked my foot. Once again, I thought he was playing in his flannel, until I felt him on my foot and heard him scream and then laugh. I am getting way too complacent. Also, he is getting too smart. I am on the listen-out (as opposed to look-out) for his nails hitting the floor so he can't sneak up on me. So now he waits until noise covers up his nails so he can sneak up. Tricky!

I answered some questions in the comments, but can write here, too.

Beloved Parrot wanted to know if he postures like that when I don't have a camera in front of him. Yes! He postures like that whenever I approach him. He does not always posture like that when he approaches me. If he's on Thomas's arm and I walk by, he even lifts his wing(s) (sometimes one wing is nestled against Thomas so he can only lift one). Thomas folds his wing(s) back up and tells Rocky "leave my wife alone!" But since that is attention, it is encouraging Rocky's behavior.

I must add that I find this behavior funny. If it led to him attacking me, we'd work on stopping it (and his wings would be clipped). I figure it gives him a way to let off a bit of steam and tell me how he feels about me. I do know that he considers me part of his flock and does have some kind of affection for me, so I take it in stride.

Christine asked what would happen if I acted afraid when he showed me how big and scary he is. I have done this, and Rocky loves it! He laughs, especially if I throw some screams in there, like he really scared me. As Christine mentioned, though, this does encourage him to do it more. Oftentimes, I will also spread out my arms and kind of sway back and forth to show him how big and scary I am. This also provokes laughter. Obviously, this has become a game.

By the way, Christine, though I can't read your blog, the pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Especially of your linnies. I love lineolated parakeets (the rescue where I volunteer has some as residents). Yours are particularly gorgeous!


Christine said...

Dear Mary,

I'm sorry that you cou;dn't read my blog since it's in Chinese characters, but thank you for your kind praise about my linnies.

I love reading about your parrots; thank you so much for sharing your stories and experience!

Christine said...

Dear Mary,

I'm sorry you couldn't read my blog contents, since it is in Chinese characters, but thank you so much for your kind praise about my linnies.

I love reading your entries about your parrots; thank you for sharing stories and experience!