Thursday, July 29, 2010

Steve: one month

Yesterday was the one month anniversary of Steve coming to stay with us. Time is flying by! He's nowhere near ready to be adopted yet, but he's getting there.

Here he is, chewing on his nails a bit, probably because I was close to him:But he quickly relaxed enough to dive into his dinner. This actually made me very happy, as he would not put his head completely in the dish if he were terrified of me -- he'd have to keep an eye on me to make sure I wasn't planning on hurting him:
He got something!
I'm pretty sure I heard him say "Up!" this morning as I was giving that command to Max. That wouldn't surprise me since Max says that when I'm giving the command to Stella. He also made a fun noise when Thomas turned the blender on this morning.

Now that he's more settled in, I think my next goal will be working on getting him to nicely step up on my hand to come out of his cage. If he would come out of his cage on his own, this wouldn't be such an issue, but it just breaks my heart that he is spending so much time in his cage!


Lisa said...

I can't wait to hear how Steve does with stepping up out of his cage. He sure seems to have come a long way already in one months time. I would imagine fostering would be difficult as I'm sure you can't help but become attached. How wonderful that you are able to do help.

belovedparrot said...

Oh Mary, it sounds like he's traveled lifetimes in the mere month he's been with you! I just love that expression on his face when he's eating that tidbit.

Bryan said...

Happy One Month Anniversary!

Steve is really a handsome African Grey. Looking forward to see more pictures of him!

Any I linked to your blog! Happy blogging!