Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mistaken identity

Thomas was alone with the parrots earlier in the week as I was at a meeting.

As usual, the caiques were in the living room and everyone else was in the kitchen with Thomas. Suddenly, he heard Beeps laughing, which only happens when Beeps is doing something he shouldn't. Thomas went into the living room to investigate and found Beeps on Max's cage. He tried to move Beeps to a more acceptable spot, but Beeps started cowering and then the laughter came again, from behind Thomas.

He had the wrong caique! Calypso hadn't gone over to Max's cage for such a long time, he just expected it to be Beeps and acted without really looking at who it was.

Beeps was actually hanging out on Andreas's tank, but it took Thomas several minutes to find him. Despite his bright coloring, he can blend in quite well. Beeps is not allowed to be near the lizards' tanks as we do not want him eating their cords and possibly starting a fire, hence the laughter when he thought he was pulling one over on us.

This morning, Thomas and I were eating our post-run breakfast and reading the paper. I was actually trying to complete the sudoku puzzle (so not exactly "reading the paper"), which was much more difficult than it should be as I had a severe macaw in my face, blocking my puzzle!

For whatever reason, he was obsessed with me this morning, and not in an aggressive way. He walked right up to me and started saying "Hello!" after exchanging a few dozen greetings, he then started saying "Gimme a kiss!" which we repeated back and forth for 5-10 minutes. This lasted until Thomas grabbed him for their morning shower.

Another case of mistaken identity? Did Rocky temporarily forget he doesn't like me? Or does this represent a thaw in his feelings towards me? Also, where was Rocky and who was this pleasant macaw?


belovedparrot said...

You know, parrots are so incredibly intelligent -- yet childish enough to give themselves away. Like laughing when they're doing something they know they're not supposed to.

Mary said...


You are right, and for that, I am happy!