Thursday, July 22, 2010

Random scenes of parrots

Max was playing with a new toy yesterday. I love how playful she is!Both Max and Stella are very needy right now. I suspect there may be some hormonal stuff going on. Stella will not leave Thomas alone. She is constantly flying to his shoulder:In this picture, Thomas is putting her back on her stand. Her wings are a bit droopy, which is something greys do when they are hormonally excited. As he approached the stand to put her down, Max started asking for head pets. Neither grey can get enough of him! Also, Stella returned to his shoulder about 5 seconds after she was put on the stand.Max, getting more head pets:Stella got placed on his lap this morning as she was causing too much trouble. Then Rocky got placed there, too, for the same reason. But they could not stay out of trouble, as they began beaking each other, so Rocky had to go on Thomas's arm instead.
Last night, Rocky had placed Thomas's shoe sideways and was preening himself next to the shoe. This obscured his vision of things going on to his left. Max took full advantage. I really wish I would have had this on tape!

She snuck up on him, quickly grabbed his tail, pulled, and then ran off! She didn't hurt him at all, but acted as though she pulled one over on him. Later on, I caught her chasing after him on several occasions; both of them running down the hall with Max in pursuit. She also buzzed him a few times last night.

This will mean increased supervision since I don't want anyone getting injured. Also, I have to work hard on not laughing, since it is really quite funny, but not something to be encouraged.


Sugar Selections said...

Do birds generally like those curly straw toys? I've made a few of them for my sugar gliders and they get ignored.

Mary said...

I think it depends on the bird and their mood. Great answer, hey? That toy was hanging on the stand for weeks while she ignored it, then she played with it for the first time when I took that picture.

I bought them for the caiques, but they were kind of scared of them, so I thought I'd start them on the stands and move them to the caiques' cages once the toys are no longer scary.

Sorry your sugar gliders can be as picky as the parrots. I mean, you'd think they'd appreciate a great homemade toy!!!