Thursday, July 1, 2010

Max and a toy

I had originally placed this blue toy in Steve's cage, but he was frightened of it, so I placed it on the stand instead. It had been in Max's cage a few years ago, and she was happy to see it again!It is a foraging toy -- I can put something inside and then the parrot is supposed to make the item go through a little maze. I hadn't done that, though. She was happy to play with it as is!
She is one of the most playful parrots I have ever seen, and it makes me so happy to see her so excited over a new toy!

This is especially clear to me now, as her behavior is in direct opposition to Steve's. I have not yet seen him play with a toy, and he spends his time perched on one perch. I know it will take time to get him to love to play with toys, but he'll get there!

After Max's toy exertion, she recharged herself with some peas:


belovedparrot said...

Good girl -- it's hard work playing with new toys and you gotta keep your strength up!

It just occurred to me reading your posts that you and Thomas probably rarely watch TV. You've got more than enough entertainment going on all the time!

Mary said...

You're right -- we watch very little TV. We try to catch Jeopardy during dinner (though we can't always hear because of the parrots!) and then we watch Netflix at night, after they're in bed.

They are so entertaining -- we are lucky to have a great flock!