Thursday, July 22, 2010

In my backyard

The evening of the day I posted about activity at our birdbath, I returned home from work to find this:I don't think a bird would have been strong enough to topple it, so I'm suspecting it was some larger mammal who was thirsty.

Luckily, we had another birdbath, waiting in the wings:I haven't seen anyone use it yet, but hopefully they will soon!

Last night, we had another new animal sighting in our yard: woodchuck!I watched him for over 10 minutes, eating the weeds in our yard. Then, something must have scared him as he took off running behind our shed. Maybe he's the one who took out our birdbath?


Elizabeth said...

Have you ever thought about gluing the top to the base so it's more stable? I was shopping for birdbaths last weekend and was really surprised to discover that the bowl and the base are not attached.

Mary said...

I think the reason they're not attached is so that it's easier to empty the bowl. I know the one I had was pretty heavy so if the bowl was attached to the base, it would probably be a two person job to empty!