Friday, July 2, 2010

Max wants in on that

I mentioned in my previous post that Thomas was able to quickly distract Rocky from his displeasure that Steve was on Thomas's hand. How? By diverting his attention to a nest, of course! There were a couple of towels placed on the table, Rocky burrowed under and, lacking wood slices, started ripping up a magazine (which Thomas hadn't yet read) and some newspaper.

As Thomas put it, "Max wants in on that!" and she came over to nest with Rocky. As usual, he gave a half-hearted attempt to drive her off, but when it became apparent she was there to stay, they nested side by side for a while.
Later, he found a new place to nest. This chair is pushed in under the table, and with Thomas's flannel hanging off of the back, it provides a nice, dark spot for him.
As always, I feel the need for a disclaimer. In some birds, nesting opportunities must be eliminated, as they could have a negative behavioral or physical impact on the parrot. We are lucky in that it is just something to occupy our parrots' time. If they became more aggressive or we noticed any other signs that things were amiss, we wouldn't allow this. The key is knowing your bird(s) and making appropriate choices for each individual.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of negative behavior, do you have any behavioral problems allowing the birds full flight? What about poop? My CAG is clipped but does take off for short flights to the ground. I've been thinking about not clipping (cats) but he is potty trained right now and I do not want to lose that. Thoughts?

Mary said...

I got all rambly on a new post:

Every situation is different, but I am all for flight as long as it can be done safely!