Thursday, July 15, 2010

Picky eaters

Most of my parrots came to me from seed-only diets. We had to switch them over to pellets, and had to teach them to eat veggies.

One way we got them to eat veggies was by using the food processor to make a mash and then placing this mash on their seeds. In order to get to their seeds, they would have to forage through the veggies, accidentally eating some. Pretty soon, all of them loved their veggies!

Yesterday was my farmers' market day, so I had purchased quite a few vegetables. I was putting everything on the counter so I could food process it, when of course Max had to come over to investigate:I put her on her stand with a patty pan squash, which kept her attention only for a short time:
Here's what is going into the mash:
We try to pick vegetables (and a bit of fruit) with different textures and colors, to give the parrots something interesting to forage through.
Then, I put it in freezable containers. Since I have so many large parrots, it takes about 2 days to go through each container. I know people with smaller birds who put their mash into ice cube trays, providing the proper portion.
Steve, with veggies on his beak:
As he was climbing around his cage this morning, I thought he was going to come out, but he appeared to change his mind at the last minute. I think it will be soon, though!

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