Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Usually I get home at least 30-60 minutes before Thomas does. I feed the parrots dinner, get them a bit of exercise, and get them through the initial pent-up energy they have after being in their cages all day.

Yesterday, Thomas got out of work early, so I was only home for about 10 minutes, leaving the parrots still extremely wired.

He could not believe Rocky's behavior. Thomas asked him if he had a checklist of naughtiness he had to work through.

I had just let Rocky out of his cage when Thomas came home. Rocky went immediately under the food cart and started eating the wood on the aquarium. Thomas distracted him, so Rocky ran over to the wall and started chewing wallpaper off. Thomas distracted him again, so Rocky ran into the back bedroom and climbed up the clothes dryer.

Thomas asked him, "What else do you have up your sleeve? Attacking my wife? Eating the tiles in the bathroom?" Then he made Rocky flap until he was panting, which made Rocky behave better.

I'm hoping Thomas didn't give him a good idea about the checklist which he will attempt to complete today!

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