Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Strider is one of my dog friends. She is owned by one of my good people friends, J. Occasionally (but not frequently enough) I will join J and Strider for a walk. Strider is one of the friendliest dogs I have ever met. She and J have an amazing bond. I'm pretty sure they've been together over a decade. I have threatened to dog-nap her, since I am in love, but J knows I'm not serious. Plus she knows where I live!

J sent me this series of pictures of Strider cooling down, and I loved them so much I asked her for permission to post them here, which she granted:
When I was growing up, we'd buy the ice cream that is sold in bricks, and when we were done, we'd open the package flat on the ground and our family dog would lick the paper clean, so this brought back great memories.

J assured me that Strider is well stocked for getting through the hot weather that is approaching:


Pamela said...

Okay. Now I don't feel quite so naughty for all the spoilin' that goes on in Harley's house!

Mary said...

Strider is definitely one lucky girl! But Harley also has it made!!!