Friday, July 30, 2010

Goldfinch -- with an update

I was driving to work this morning when I saw what looked like goldfinch roadkill in the middle of the road, right where my tire would go. I moved my car so that I would pass over the dead bird, but as I continued on my way, realized that the bird was still perching -- if he were dead, he'd probably be more prone.

So I did a U-turn. While I was waiting to do another U-turn, five cars came by; I was so worried that one of them would run him over (he was in a horrible position). However, perhaps his bright yellow plumage saved him as they all swerved so he'd pass under the carriage and not the tires.

I grabbed him up -- still breathing. I used to always have a carrier in my car for just this reason, but hadn't replaced it after the last time I used it. So he went in my cup holder, covered by a towel.

When I got home, I put him in my wildlife carrier (never used for the parrots!):He's got some water and budgie seed, and is currently in my basement. I suspect that he got hit by a car and has a mild concussion. We hope to release him this afternoon, if he's doing better.
If he's not, we'll take him to a wildlife rehabilitation center. Updates next week!

UPDATE: When I got home from work Friday afternoon, the carrier was empty. He escaped through the holes in the front (I really thought he wouldn't be able to get through them!) and was loose in my basement. I was able to quickly catch him and I put him in an aquarium for another hour or so as I wasn't sure how long he'd escaped and therefore how long he'd been without food/water.

After about an hour, I brought him outside. Here he is, right before his release:Had I realized how quickly he would make his escape, I would have made a movie, as he strongly flew out of the aquarium as soon as I opened the top. He was out of my sight in seconds. Success!

Yesterday, a goldfinch couple landed in the large tree in my backyard. She took a bath in the bird bath while he watched from the tree:It probably wasn't the same male, but I like to think it was -- he wanted me to know he had reunited with his mate and they were doing well!


Elizabeth said...

Poor sweetie, I hope it's only a head bump.

I'm always upsetting my fiance because I automatically brake for any bird that comes too close to the car.

Mary said...

I updated the original post, but it must have just been a mild concussion as he was fine a few hours later!

Yes, I am always yelling at Thomas to slow down for wildlife, even though that "wildlife" frequently turns out to be litter.

And we also frequently stop in our neighborhood and lecture the wild birds about playing in the street. I don't think they listen to us, though!

belovedparrot said...

Your karma must be wildly over in the positive side. ;-)