Friday, July 2, 2010


For dessert last night, Thomas made himself a bowl of homemade granola in almond milk. The parrots love homemade granola and they love almond milk, so they were very happy about Thomas's dessert decision!

He gave everyone some granola, and this satisfied most of the parrots. It wasn't enough for Rocky, though. He came up to help himself to more:Beeps flew over to Thomas's shoulder and quickly grabbed some granola. He acted like he was trying to be sneaky. Since Rocky also had his beak in the bowl, this was probably a good decision on Beeps's part! He immediately ran up to Thomas's shoulder to eat his prize:As I've written before, the parrots are generally not allowed on our shoulders. Especially not unpredictable caiques who are prone to getting overexcited when they have good food! Thomas immediately tried to get Beeps to step up so he could be moved to a more appropriate location.

But, we think Beeps was afraid Thomas was going to try to take his food, so instead of stepping up, he flew over to his cage:


Elizabeth said...

I just discovered almond milk - I love it! I worry about eating too much soy since it's a phytoestrogen. So I'm thrilled to replace soy milk with almond milk. Almond milk has fewer calories too!

Mary said...

We also have soy concerns, which is why we switched to almond a few months ago. It is so tasty! A definite parrot favorite.