Monday, July 26, 2010


Over the weekend, I was home alone; Thomas was heading home from work. I had all of the parrots out and was also working on making lunch. Rocky was making this difficult, as he kept getting into trouble. The thing with Rocky is that he is very smart. He knows what is acceptable and what is not, so when he eats the fish tank or chews wallpaper off of the wall or climbs the stairs, he knows he's doing things he shouldn't.

Therefore, I said to him, "You want attention? You're getting attention!" and I had him step up on a stick and stay by my side while I finished making lunch one-handed.

First, he tried eating the stick:
Then he tried to scare me (I actually did not get much done as I kept stopping to take pictures!):
Next, he decided to try to get down by himself, until he realized he was too far off of the ground, so he swung back around to perch normally:
Finally, and I don't have this on video, he flew off of the stick, landed on the ground, and ran into the living room where he chipped appropriate wood. I guess he got a little more attention than he bargained for!

When Thomas got home, lunch was not yet ready (not surprising, given Rocky's consumption of my time), so he relaxed as I finished. Rocky was so happy! He grabbed three pieces of wood at one time and chipped them up next to Thomas's leg:This is what he wanted all along.

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