Friday, September 10, 2010

Another adventure

Beeps had an adventurous day yesterday. He escaped from his cage; though this time, without help from Rocky.

Once again, I thought something was up from the beeping Beeps was doing when I got home from work. It was louder, more insistent, more joyous even. I thought he was really happy to see me, but now I think he was showing off his intelligence!

Doesn't he look proud of himself?
From the location of his droppings, he spent most of the day on his cage. He also went over to the lizards' tanks. He managed to get Andreas's top off about 3 inches -- enough for Andreas to escape if he wanted to; luckily Andreas stayed put.

I've been saying this for years, but it might be time for a new cage.


D. Richard said...

As a maintenance man , have you ever considered a $12 latch instead of a new cage . Can be installed with just 4 self drilling pan head Phillips screws . Another $0.98

Mary said...

Thanks, D. I should look into that. Unfortunately, the cage is designed in such a way that makes things a bit difficult; I will post pictures and would welcome advice!

It would be much better to repurpose this cage than to get him a new one.

He also escaped Saturday. I think that Rocky loosens the screws so Beeps can escape, so before I leave now, I am making sure the screws are secure.

D. Richard said...

Try a Stanley #1299 CM CABINET SPRING LATCH FLUSH DOORS and use 2, 1 a foot higher than the other , would take 2 birds on the out side of the cage to make a jail brake

The Homeless Parrot said...

Wow, he does look REALLY proud of himself.

D. Richard said...

Thought I would try to send you where you can see the birds , My flock can be seen at dot com /roverpilot/MyParrots# or number 17 is my favorite