Saturday, September 4, 2010

Away for the morning

Thomas had to do all of the parrot stuff this morning as I had to leave the house ridiculously early in order to get my 22 miles in. He had to work, but later, so he got up (probably hours) after I left and still had time to get a run in and get to work on time.

My run went so well, I kind of wanted to go even longer! But I stopped at 22.5 as I needed to meet some people at the finish and didn't think it was fair to them to wait any longer for me. I hope this bodes well for my marathon -- I have been having a fantastic training season.

This is the note I returned to:

Didn't feed Steve
Gave Steve fresh food and a little seed
7:30 turkey vultures
Found a tennis ball
Watch the movie on the camera on the table

Steve was so excited to get some pellets when I finally got home. I understand if Thomas didn't have time to wrap and hide pellets, but he could have at least put some in Steve's dish! At least I got home early enough so his fresh food didn't have time to go bad yet.

Also, apparently he'd just thrown his running clothes in the hallway (they were picked up when I got home) so things look a little messier in the background than they really were.

Here's Rocky with the tennis ball:It looks clean enough, but why would he let Rocky play with a ball he just found? Who knows where it's been? Maybe he meant he found one in the basement. Would he really have found one out running, picked it up, and carried it with him for several miles? He's still at work so I haven't had time to ask him yet.

And here's the video Thomas referenced. I love it when Rocky does things like this; who knows what he would have done next if Thomas hadn't distracted him!

I don't know what's going on with blogger, but this video was processing for over an hour and wouldn't post -- have had other problems earlier this week. I will try to post it later!


belovedparrot said...

Did this cause Steve to have a setback, not getting his wrapped pellets this morning? I hope not!

Mary said...

Nope, no setback. He is very resilient! He just had to wait a few hours, but he did devour all of his pellets once they were in his cage!!!