Sunday, September 5, 2010

Turkey vultures

As I got home from my volunteer shift last night, all I wanted to do was eat. I was still ravenous as part of the after-effects of my 22 mile run that morning. But Thomas had other plans in mind.

"I know where the turkey vultures roost! We have to go and see them!" He was so excited, I acquiesced. I don't know how he saw this while running, but here's a non-zoom picture of the vultures (in the middle):And zoomed in:
There were also quite a few circling overhead. Looking at them through the binoculars, there seemed to be a variety of ages, from juveniles to adults. I was very excited we'd gone out!

The video still is not uploading from yesterday! I did ask him about the tennis ball, and he had found it on his route and put it in his jacket. Rocky immediately found the ball and Thomas was worried he'd destroy the jacket pocket, so he let Rocky explore the ball. Apparently Rocky lost interest shortly after Thomas took the picture and video. The ball is now in our garage, waiting until our next tennis game.

Beloved Parrot, to answer your question from the comments, Steve was just fine waiting to get his wrapped pellets. He is surprisingly resilient and enjoyed a vegetable breakfast! I didn't have to leave quite as early to run this morning, so I made sure all of the parrots had their foods and waters done properly before I left!

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