Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Grey mischief

Last night, I had another meeting, so Thomas was mostly alone with the parrots. I took off of work an hour or so early so I could make the parrots dinner and get other things ready before I had to leave for the meeting.

The greys must have been ravenous, as they started in on their dinners while the dishes were still on the counter:They each went for their own dish, so I could distribute everyone else's dishes with no problems!

After my meeting, I noticed that I had two voicemails, both coming from Thomas's phone. One was an actual message, but one was just some weird noises. When I got home, I checked the camera to see what they were up to without me and understood my weird message:
Max got into trouble last night. She'd flown into the kitchen and Thomas didn't bring her back in the living room soon enough. Usually she just plays on her stand, but last night she decided to empty out as much of the garbage can as she could reach:
So Thomas had to unexpectedly wash the floor; he was not happy about that!

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Mary said...

Bird messages eh?? So cute!