Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Football Sunday

On Sunday, Thomas was watching football with the parrots. They really like fall, as they get him staying in the living room with them for several hours most weekends. I'm generally in and out, only partially watching the game.

The parrots were being so adorable this past weekend, that he kept calling me in to see what they were doing; I only got some of it with the camera.

Rocky was perched on his chest, getting his head preened:
Beeps rarely goes to the floor, but decided to on Sunday. He'd been playing on Rocky's cage when he was distracted by the basket of wood we keep on the floor. This basket of wood helps to reduce the incidences of Rocky chewing on things he shouldn't (like the baseboards, walls, or aquarium). When Rocky has the urge to chew, he must chew now, but will take acceptable wood from the basket when it's available.

Max, who does not really like Beeps, came down to keep an eye on him:
Beeps caught his reflection in the glass of our TV stand. He was dancing and displaying quite a bit, though not for the camera. This guy has boundless energy!

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