Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Steve - training

Yesterday after work, Steve saw me cutting up his cashews and knew that training was about to begin. He got so excited that he came down to the perch on his cage door. He's done this before, but usually climbs back up to a different perch when I open his door to train. But not yesterday! He was visibly a bit nervous at first, but after a few targets, relaxed and enjoyed his training session.This makes it easier on me as I don't have to stand awkwardly to reach him; I just pull up a chair in front of his cage! I'm hoping that the rest of his training with me will take place here. If he gets used to training here, that will make things easier on his new owner to work on step up.

Doesn't he look kind of spooky when he stares at me, head-on?
Feeling so comfortable, he's perching on one foot!
He was also talking and whistling up a storm yesterday. I'm pretty sure I heard "I love you!" but that could just be my imagination twisting his words. He certainly hears it enough from the humans and parrots in the house, so it's not outside the realm of possibility.

He's been making up whistling songs (or remember whistling songs from his past) and Stella has picked one of them up, which will leave me with an aural reminder of him.

Speaking of which, time continues to fly by. In just two weeks from tomorrow, he will be meeting his new owner! This Friday, he returns to the vet to get his health certificate for flying. His vet should be able to give me a better update about the progress of his mutilation sores. I can't wait to see her reaction over their improvement!


Pamela said...

Such good news about Steve!

And I have got to get started on training Harley, it seems like a fun way to "play" together.

belovedparrot said...

Have you told Steve about the new human coming into his life? You know, since they probably understand a lot more of what we say than we suspect.

Have you had any visitors to your home since Steve arrived, so that you can judge his reaction to someone new?

Just curious.

You're doing such a wonderful job with him!!!

Mary said...

Pamela -- Harley would love training! It sounds intimidating (or at least it did to me) but it's super easy when you just go ahead and do it!

BP -- I have been telling Steve about the new best friend in his life, and about the plane ride he'll be taking, etc. We've been doing a countdown for a few weeks. I'm not sure if he understands, but I know he likes it when I talk to him!

We have had visitors; he mostly just sits there. He'll have an adjustment period in his new home, but I really think he'll acclimate quickly -- I've only had him for 3 months! His new owner is doing so much to make him feel comfortable in his new home -- setting up his cage with familiar toys and perches, preparing his favorite foods, etc.

He's really a lucky guy. I can't wait to share with everyone where he's going!

The Homeless Parrot said...

Mary: It's amazing what you've done for and with Steve. It just goes to show how well parrots can do with owners who are dedicated and understand their needs. It's such a shame to see so many sad, neglected birds that just need interaction and socialization.

Mary said...

HP: thanks for the nice words! These guys really are way more resilient than we think (or at least than I think). I am truly amazed at how far Steve has come, and so quickly! To think that just 3 months ago his vet was recommending euthanasia because he was so unhappy. He's still got a long way to go, but I haven't heard that scared grey growl in a long time.

And the best part is, he did it all himself -- we let him set the pace and we followed his lead. There's nothing we did that was all that special.

belovedparrot said...

I know where he's going, but my lips are sealed! I predict he'll be very happy and do very well with his new best friend.