Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today's the day!

Steve meets his new owner today! They leave tomorrow for his forever home. I am so excited!

I never get tired of taking pictures of him coming down to visit with me in the morning:I dropped my farmers' market vegetables at home en route to going to work this morning. A pepper fell out, so I took that as a sign to wash it and give it to Steve. He loved it!
I was hoping to catch his excited "Wooo!" that he does when he's getting food, but he doesn't do it in front of the camera! In any case, I love how he's stretching to get this food. I don't think I'd ever given him a red hot pepper before, so he's this excited for something new. I'll send some home with his new owner for him to eat on the plane.

Today's going to be a busy day -- more details on Steve's transition to come later this week.


Tony Wildish said...

Oh I do hope Steve handles the trip well. And I hope you do too, I know it'll be a huge wrench for you to see him go. You've done such wonderful work with him, thank you for saving him.

Pamela said...

Love this story! You've done such a good job with Steve, can't wait to hear the continuing saga.