Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We changed the substrate in the lizards' tanks on Sunday. We use pool filter sand for them. These lizards are just so unlike the parrots! Thomas used the shop vac to suck up the majority of Elsa's old substrate; she just stayed in her hide, not even peeking out to see what all the noise was -- my nosy parrots would have been trying to destroy the vacuum hose.He put her in her upside-down hide while he finished vacuuming and then cleaning her tank:
Unfortunately, her bag of sand was wet (Andreas's was dry), which could cause her major health issues as uromastyx need very low humidity environments. They had to spend the night together; neither one ventured out from their hides overnight (you can see Elsa's head poking out, and Andreas's tail):
The next morning, despite a heat lamp, Elsa's sand was still wet, so I had to remove the sand and she's temporarily on newspaper. We'll be more careful to make sure the sand we buy is dry next time -- if it doesn't dry by tomorrow, I will have to buy another bag as I don't want to keep her on newspaper for too long.

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