Friday, September 17, 2010

Steve's vet visit

Steve had to go to the vet today so he could get his health certificate that is required for travel. He was not happy about this, but settled down once he was in his carrier:Our little trip today gave me more confidence that he will travel just fine later this month. He wasn't happy to go into his carrier, but was fine once he was inside, even clicking a little bit for me.

Unfortunately, at the vet's, he flapped his wings very hard and reopened his wounds. The vet said she could tell that one of his wings had been completely healed and the other had been nearly healed, but today's experience reopened the wounds. She rubbed some SSD cream on him and did a laser treatment, which is supposed to help him to heal and to feel better. His exam went relatively quickly, and we got him back to his cage at my house as soon as possible.

She was impressed by how well he had healed, and by his demeanor -- he was much calmer than on his previous visits, and the growling he did was typical angry grey growling, not the out of control terrified growling that just breaks your heart. I asked her her thoughts on his wounds -- given the healing that had taken place, did she ever think that he might be fully healed, say in 1-2 years? She responded that she didn't think it would take that long! To just continue not forcing him out and with a good diet, he'd heal on his own.

All in all, a good visit, though I wish it hadn't been necessary to pull him out of his cage. I told him he'd have to come out one more time in two weeks to go home, but that his new owner would let him take all of the time he needs to come out and feel comfortable.


belovedparrot said...

Three cheers for Steve!

Anonymous said...

What a brave boy!

Michelle said...

Hearing about Steve's accomplishments gives me hope that my Timothy will heal as well. I don't force him to come out of his cage, but in time, with hard work, I think he will want to venture out. I have all the time in the world to give him. His feather plucking is improving ever so slightly, but I will take any improvement no matter how little.

I love hearing about Steve and his day to day progress. I hope we will hear updates on him from his new owner, as he has stolen many hearts.