Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Steve

After the sadness of my previous foster post, here's a happy foster post.

As it gets colder out, I start giving the parrots mashes from ParrotNutz again. I hadn't been to her website lately, but it looks like maybe they're not shipping any more? This would be tragic as I was planning on ordering again this month -- I only have one bag left!

In any case, the parrots love this food, and it always gets all over their beaks, which is good for a laugh.

Steve with a messy beak:Steve playing with a new toy, with a messy beak:
Steve, eating zucchini, with a messy beak:
A package came in the mail yesterday:
It's Steve's palatial travel carrier! He'll be taking a plane ride later this month when he travels to his new home, and he'll be going in style:
And a little video. Remember not that long ago when I couldn't have this toy hang from the top of the cage as it was too difficult for Steve? That's no longer the case! He gets so excited when he sees me hiding pellets; he always tries to help himself before they get placed!

One final funny Steve story. Yesterday, I was getting ready to train him. Since we train in his cage, I have to move his toys out of our way. I had his target stick in my hand and put that hand in his cage to move the toy. We had not yet started training. But that didn't matter to Steve! He was so excited to begin training that he almost fell off of his perch trying to beak the target stick. I learned my lesson to keep my hands empty when doing this from now on!

The countdown is on...three weeks from today, Steve meets his new owner. Three weeks from tomorrow, they arrive home!

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