Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sharing dessert

Here's the mandatory farmers' market picture -- Stella investigating the corn:After dinner, Thomas ate a strange dessert of raw oatmeal, almond milk, and strawberries. He really likes it, and it's also a hit with the parrots.

Rocky's wings are out since I am close to take the picture:
But he quickly gets distracted by the oatmeal:
Actually eating some:
I'm actually thinking about clipping Rocky's wings. In the past three weeks, he's jumped me about once per week. I've always had the stick with me to protect my face and Thomas was able to get him off of me before any damage was done.

But, every time he launches an attack, he gets better at it; as in most things, practice makes perfect. It does make me a little sad, as he's begun using his feathers to glide down to the floor as well, and it's good for him physically (exercise) and mentally to have that option.

I don't think we're ready to make any decisions yet. Thomas is fine with clipping him; I'm the one with reservations. I know they'll grow back in time, but it bothers me to take away one of his few freedoms.

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